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Why Passbooks

THE PASSBOOK SERIES® has been created to prepare applicants and candidates for the ultimate academic battlefield, the examination room.
At some time in our lives, each and every one of us may be required to take an examination- for validation, matriculation, admission, qualification, registration, certification, or licensure.
Based on the assumption that every applicant or candidate has met the basic formal educational standards, has taken the required number of courses, and read the necessary texts, the PASSBOOK SERIES® furnishes the one special preparation which may assure passing with confidence, instead of failing with insecurity. Examination questions ­ together with answers-are furnished as the basic vehicle for study so that the mysteries of the examination and its compounding difficulties may be eliminated or diminished by a sure method.
This book is meant to help you pass your examination provided that you qualify and are serious in your objective. The entire field is reviewed through the huge store of content information which is succinctly presented through a provocative and challenging approach, the question­ and-answer method. A climate of success is established by furnishing the correct answers at the end of each test.
You soon learn to recognize types of questions, forms of questions, and patterns of questioning. You may even begin to anticipate expected outcomes. You perceive that many questions are repeated or adapted so that you gain acute insights, which may enable you to score many sure points. You learn how to confront new questions, or types of questions, and to attack them confidently and work out the correct answers. You note objectives and emphases, and recognize pitfalls and dangers, so that you may make positive educational adjustments.
Moreover, you are kept fully informed in relation to new concepts, methods, practices, and directions in the field.
You discover that you are actually taking the examination all the time: you are preparing for the examination by “taking” an examination, not by reading extraneous and/or supererogatory textbooks.
In short, this PASSBOOK SERIES®, used directly, should be an important factor in helping you pass your test.