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The list below features written civil service exams currently scheduled in local, city and state jurisdictions, and is updated as new testing information becomes available. Contact Passbooks at or (516) 921-8888 for the latest test information in your area or for Passbook recommendations. We will do our best to assist you.


The Louisiana Department of State Civil Service provides state residents with the opportunity to compete for open positions through testing. The department administers six written exams on a continuous basis that provide candidates the opportunity to test for current and future vacancies in hundreds of positions in state agencies.
For a complete list of state jobs filled by competitive testing in Louisiana, refer to the State Civil Service website.
If you are considering applying for one of these exams, or if you’ve already signed up and are scheduled to sit for an exam this year, click on the name of the exam below to see the corresponding Passbook study guide.
For titles without a linked Passbook or marked with (*), e-mail our research department at for suggested book titles, including alternative and/or supplementary titles.  Titles marked with (*) have several alternate titles available that might be better suited for your jurisdiction.

Click on your state’s tab to view upcoming civil services exams.


Test Name – Date 11 (2023)
Test Name – Date 11 (2023)

Listed below are general titles relevant to Louisiana test candidates:

Test Name – Date 11 (2023)
Test Name – Date 11 (2023)